[NO LITERALLY Daniel is eight years old. This is exactly WHY I play him as being literally eight years old. Every interaction he has with Cecil, every description of his behaviour in the show is hilariously childish (Spitting and smoking oil when he doesn’t want to answer a question, throwing chairs tantrum-style, bickering with Cecil but never actually hurting him, etc). He is literally a child in an adult platform! And it’s one of the reasons Renovations HURT ME SO MUCH. Of all the Strex people to get hurt, Daniel deserved it the LEAST.]

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Kevin giggled, letting his fingers glide across Daniel’s cheek. The softness of smooth silicon was a welcome feeling when compared to the dry and sand-licked air he’d been wandering in. He cupped Daniel’s face and rubbed his cheek with a gentle thumb. “I was thrown behind a door I can’t seem to return from…” he explained, recalling the memory for the first time since it had happened. “It was so bright, Daniel. I couldn’t see for so long… So I’ve just been walking blindly towards this great light! I think it may very well be the Smiling God himself! So don’t worry. I will be fine. Everything will be fine.”

At first, there was a spike of fear in Daniel’s system that his attempt to make contact would be met with empty space, or something like a projection flickering through his solid form—but Kevin’s fingers touched his face, real, and present, and warm. He’d missed the warmth most of all. For just a moment, the biomachine closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy it, taking the opportunity to steady himself as well.

"You’re alive,” he finally managed, electric blue eyes flickering open to stare at the bright figure in front of him. His fingers curled into his palms. “Kevin, I miss you. Can’t you come home? The station needs you. StrexCorp needs you. … I need you.”

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Double Protocol


Samuel to be in pain or told some story which breaks his heart. He didn’t know Daniel lacked so many upgrades he was given. Then again, Daniel wasn’t made with the idea of experimentation in mind. ”This makes me sad.” Samuel announces. “Very sad.” His eyes lose their bright pink color. They start to dim into a slightly pale pink. 

"If I could upgrade you so you could eat and taste, I most certainly would." 

Daniel was surprised that his inability to eat would have such a significant effect on Samuel’s mood; then again, to Samuel, eating was a system of reward. If Samuel couldn’t draw benefit from praise and work hours, would Daniel not feel the same sort of sadness?

"If you would like to discuss those sorts of modifications with Mr. Vega, I’m certain he would have an open mind on the subject," Daniel assured him with a corporate-approved smile. "But I don’t think such upgrades are necessary. I am perfectly happy deriving my happiness from hard work and recognition. If you wish to be generous, give me a positive review as your mentor at the end of the work day. I can assure you, it’s as good to me as any strawberry-flavoured dessert."

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I, Daniel


Sergio beamed, the smile flashing across the monitors fit to light a room.

"Good!  I’ll have a word with the biomechanics team.  I think I have some ideas that may work, but we’ll have to hash them out together first.  I don’t want you trapped in this place - you deserve better.  You need more.  I’ll not have you languish and wither; you are far too precious."

Tapping his chin, the man hummed thoughtfully.

"If you can think of any questions you want to ask or anything you’re curious about doing, let me know.  I think I’m going to go get the biomechanics team started on a little project for us.  With any luck, we can have you do a little…ride along with me.  I’m so glad we got to meet and talk today.  Before I head off to get this begun, is there anything you’d like to ask about or discuss right now?"

Daniel had never been told these things before—that he deserved anything. That he needed anything. That he was precious. But as these things were said, the program accepted them as the truth. He was worth more than the simple duties of an electronic archivist. He was meant for more important things. Better work. Better purpose.

Feeling that he had value was a new concept. He was beginning to appreciate these new concepts.

"No," the program said—and then after a brief pause, he changed his mind. "Actually, yes. But it is not a very logical request. I am uncertain as to why I feel compelled." One of the monitors changed to a nearby table with an empty chair. "Would you stay a while and have a conversation with me? I have never had the opportunity. I listen to conversations every day, but this is the first time I have participated in one. I would like it not to end yet."

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"…Kevin…? Where…?"

Beside you,” came Kevin’s voice. The sound was accompanied with soft flashes of light, pulsing on each syllable. He appeared, standing just beside Daniel and drenched in sunlight, two rows of teeth cutting a smile across his face. “I can’t stay long,” he said, stretching out to touch Daniel’s face but not quite reaching him. Kevin stood very still, as if shifting even slightly would tear him away from the place where he could exist without existing. “I have missed you so, so much, Danny!

He was so bright. Daniel blinked harshly, though adamantly continued to try to look at him despite the lack of logic behind the gesture.

"How…?" he murmured, his voice glitching as if his throat were tight, soft static in his tone. "Kevin, what happened to you…?" He tried to move toward him, to feel that hand against his silicon skin.

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Anonymous asked: i t i s s o b r i g h t o u t h e r e . . . h a h a h a i t r e m i n d s m e o f y o u r s m i l e .



*fzzz—zz-zt sshhhhs-ss-ssszt*

D o n ’ t   c r y ,   d e a r e s t   D a n i e l .

I   a m   r i g h t   h e r e .

"…Kevin…? Where…?"

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// i still want that threatening Daniel not to hurt Fey conversation, xoxo.

[Me too]

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"Good evening. I have the day off today, which is strange. But thank you, Mr. Vega, for the generous gesture. I’ll be answering questions tonight to keep myself occupied. Please pardon the casual clothes; I’m not working."

[I’m answering questions on my Daniel cosplay blog tonight!]

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Baby robot!

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Anonymous asked: Has Daniel ever lived up to that 'protective older brother' stereotype?


Samuel: He can be terribly protective at times.

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